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World Senior V2 Rankings

Rank Player Country
1st Scott Snowdon England
2nd Tom Hildreth England
3rd Tom Brown England
4th Carl Alsop England
5th Matty Horsfield England
6th Charlie Ford England
7th Jess Leech England
8th Pawan Kumar India
9th Tom Burgess England
10th Dan Shuker England
11th Lena Fowles England
12th Jakob Davidsen Denmark
13th Sahil Tiwari India
14th Harsimran Sohi India
15th Gurkiran Sohi India
16th Laddi Bhardwaj India

World Youth V2 Rankings

Rank Player Country
1st Kane Duncan England
2nd Jess Porter England
3rd Archie Bell England
4th Oliver Stocks England
5th Chris Town England
6th Miles Cottrell England
7th Dom Lockwood England
8th Jack Wells England
9th Ethan Eldridge England
10th Jhapin Shahi India
11th Clarice Bruin England
12th Leah Drake England

World Masters V2 Rankings

Rank Player Country
1st Paul Hildreth England
2nd Andrew Foster England
3rd Leigh Branton England
4th Karen Bruin England
5th Tony Notarianni USA
6th Lee Cottrell England
7th Davinder Singh India
8th Jill Stocks England
9th Sewa Singh India
10th Gurmuckh Singh India
11th Suman Tiwari India

Unaffiliated NGBs Statement

We have been asked about the unaffiliated NGBs namely England VX and Scotland VX that have purportedly been set up in Scotland and England.

These bodies have been set up by a small disaffected break-away faction of our former members, who are deliberately seeking to undermine and disrupt the existing VX structure.

For the avoidance of doubt, they do NOT speak for the established and recognised relevant VX bodies, namely VX England, VX Scotland, Global VX or any other authorised and affiliated body.

They are evidently offering training and qualifications, but that training and those qualifications are not recognised or authorised by the official VX governing bodies.

We invite you to treat any criticisms or claims that you may receive from the representatives of these breakaway groups with extreme caution and we ask that any approaches that you may receive from them are reported immediately to us, as we are collating details of their activities for the purposes of taking legal action to curtail their interference.

Should you have any genuine queries or concerns then please contact Global VX (www.globalvx.org) or write or speak to Paul Hildreth (pmh@globalvx.org, 07790 351534)